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Data protection

The RPBi Head Office Database is a B2B database and the data we hold abides by the GDPR regulations that came into force on 25 May 2018. 

Where held, all email addresses are B2B email addresses and can be used by clients for "legitimate interest" campaigns. It is important that any client purchasing a data set that contains emails, abide by the GDPR regulations in that any email must have the following:

Unsubscribe facility
Full contact details of the sender, including telephone, address and email
A message appropriate to the recipient - a "legitmate interest" email

Clients purchasing data are asked to sign a T's C's document.

All telephone numbers are regularly passed through the telephone preference service and no data is supplied to a client without this check. TPS'd numbers are not included.

RP Databases Ltd is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office. For more information please visit





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